Catch the Mouse - The Game of the Cat and the Mice

This is a funny german game, for 3-6 players.
Mice are 2 - 5  soda caps with a perforation.
You can also use other objects as mice. A cord of about 30 cm is attached to each one which will be held at the other end by a player. The cord has to resist some force, it has not be rough nor too thin because it should not cut the skin of the children´s firnger.
The Game of the Cat and the Mice. - Mouse take care!
 Just draw some funny mouse faces on labels and paste them on the caps or decorate them at will. Each player has a mouse except one player who is the cat. The cat has a plastic (or leather) cup  and a die.
 It is suggested to protect the table with a tablecloth.
Mice have to be on top of the table, in the center, at a distance of about 5-10 cm between them and are held by the players with the cords on their hands. Hands should not be on the table.

 The cat throws the die with the cup, if  1 or 6 is thrown he can trap a mouse with the cup while others flee. The player whose  mouse is caught becomes the cat and  the one who was the cat becomes a mouse.
As previously agreed, if a mouse runs away without being thrown 6 or 1 he becomes the cat or is out of the game. The player who's mice are caught three times is out of the game. The winner is the last player with a mouse.

Download Rules
Download labels for the caps.