Yaguareté - The Jaguar

Yaguareté print, cut, and paste on a cardboard and 16 soda caps. Size of the board A4. Yaguareté is a guarani game in the style of the Foxgames with an extended Alquerque board. Jaguar Games with similar boards are common to native south american people.
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Other Jaguar game board variants
Adugo, (another Jaguar Game)

All games played on an Alquerque board can be played with jaguar game boards.

Other names given in South America to Jaguar Games
Komikan, Comina, Cumi, Kukuli, Kumisiña, El León y las Ovejas, el Zorro y las Llamas, Taptana, Ukuku, Puma, Leoncito. In Brasil the jaguar is called onça.