Alquerque / Zamma / Fanorona

AlquerqueAlquerque,  print, cut and paste on a cardboard and 24 soda caps. Board size 18 x 18 cm. Alquerque is the father of all Draughts, brought by the Arabs to Spain, Fanorona a popular game from  Magadascar, Zamma (Dhama, Dhamet, Asrand) a popular game from northwest Africa.

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Other Games played with an Alquerque board 
Fetaix (Qireq) a modern Alquerque variant
Catch the Hare /Coyote and Chickens
Indian and Jackrabbits
Bagh Chal
Main Tapal Empat
Bagh Bandi
Sher Bakar
Bagh Guti

Four joined Alquerque boards wihout the inner border make a Zamma board. 80 caps (40 for each player) are needed. 
Rules of Zamma 
Also played on a Zamma board: Tiger Game played with forty

Two joined Alquerque boards without the inner border make a Fanorona board. 44 caps (22 per player) are needed.
Rules of Fanorona